creative strategy.

Creating a concrete, strong and sustainable visual presence from a completely abstract idea is my strength.

Creative strategy starts much further before the development of a visual design. It is about using empathy, experimentation, and interactive processes to develop completely new innovative solutions – or in short: design thinking. Understanding user needs, prototyping, testing and iterating for continuous improvement are essential components.

my workflow.

1. EMpathize

Understanding the users' needs by observing, engaging, and empathizing. Researching methods to gain insights into the users' experiences.

2. define

Defining the challenge based on the insights gathered. Understanding of what exactly needs to be addressed

3. Ideate

Engaging in idea generation sessions to come up with a wide range of possible solutions without judgment or criticism.

4. Prototype

Transforming ideas into tangible representations or prototypes (physical models, sketches, storyboards, or even digital mock-ups).

5. Test

Testing and evaluating prototypes with the target users to gather feedback and insights.

6. Iterate

Refining the design, based on the feedback received during the testing phase. The process may go through several iterations. Each iteration brings the solution closer to addressing the problem effectively.