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I'm Julia Berghöfer from Bremen, Germany. Art director, graphic designer, illustrator and web designer for start-ups. I conceive creative brands and individual corporate designs. I accompany change and revitalization processes of brands. Do you value distinctive, high-quality business design? Then you've come to the right place.

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long live uniqueness

Unique individual design is created here:
for business founders
for new products
for innovative services
for unique people and brands

for business-

for new

for innovative services

for unique people and brands

Strategy and creativity - passion and analysis. I combine these things in my work.

Far away from everything "already seen" and quickly fading trends. It is important for me to listen. A good idea deserves a good brand design: individual, analytical, sustainable and modern. Brands and corporate design should last a long time, attract positive attention, be memorable and convincing, and - most importantly - differentiate themselves from others.

Just the image you need for your new idea?
Let me hear from you. I look forward to you and your vision:

a good brand design grows together with its company.

special must be special.

Success through foresight

Brand design means holism. This is the only way to create the vision of distinctiveness through value, authenticity and genuineness. My goal is to make this distinctiveness possible for every project - no matter what size it is.

With a good and durable design, everything fits together coherently. Nothing is detached from the other. This is how the unique impact of perfect design unfolds. And only in this way can design create the unmistakable USP that your brand deserves and that attracts the attention of target groups.


the origin of all development and all innovation is an idea.

get here great ideas a face

Why startups are my passion

Good ideas are the engine of innovation, the breath for social renewal.

Accompanying business ideas, people, founders from the very beginning and growing together with them - that is my passion. There is so much potential here, so much untapped energy, which almost automatically releases its own dynamics in me as a designer. Then this moment: the fascination, the radiance, the enthusiasm when people see their own idea as a complete work live and in color for the first time. For me, the most beautiful confirmation and incentive at the same time. 


Custom design is rare enough.
Strong business ideas deserve strong originals.



Brand design is the development and support of a long-term and sustainable strategy and not a one-off service. The accompaniment of this strategy is called Art Direction. As a contact person for all questions in design and aesthetics, I develop the right concept for your company and compile a portfolio of services for you.



See. Like. Remember. I create creative image motifs that are recognized and remembered everywhere. Because that's what a good, high-quality logo should be able to do. With an individual logo you underline the value of your brand and create uniqueness that can be seen. I develop creative logo concepts and logo designs with high recognition value and high impact exclusively for start-ups.



Be perceived and stay in the mind. Corporate design, i.e. "what you are", must be quickly perceivable, understandable and at the same time differentiable. In color, form and orthography. I attach great importance to design quality. That means, corporate design created by me impresses with homogeneity, uniqueness, practicability and with functionality on every desired and required medium.



Really good, creative web design touches the customer's heart and makes them curious for more. And that's what your web presence is all about. I develop responsive web designs exclusively for start-ups and company founders. My clients also include companies that want to replace their old homepage with a brand-new, competitive internet presence on the WWW. My web design convinces in design and functionality on all devices. Translated with (free version)


the occular beeing,
needs the image.

Leonardo da Vinci

the world is full of good ideas that need image.


Das ist
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Das ist
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Das ist
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